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The Pugad Baboy Shuffle (Animation)

PUGAD BABOY created by Pol Medina, Jr.
PUGAD BABOY SHUFFLE ANIMATED VIDEO illustrated, animated, and scored by Arnold Arre based on the Pugad Baboy characters by Pol Medina, Jr.

* This is a fan video. Pol Medina, Jr. owns all the rights to all the characters *

I remember the first time I encountered PM Jr.’s PUGAD BABOY comics — it was in my senior year in high school (’88). Before then I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while reading a comic strip. They were so witty and honest and not to mention very well drawn (I’ve never seen hands drawn so well…!)

Thank you Mr. PM Jr. for creating Pugad Baboy. Here’s a little gift from a fellow artist. Please make more strips and keep on taking us along Polgas’ adventures. :)

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