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The Mythology Class Animated Video

The Mythology Class Animated Music Video (2017)

This is the official music video for my graphic novel “The Mythology Class” featuring the song “Milenyo,” composed and performed by Peryodiko. It was first screened at theĀ TBA Studios corporate launch in July 2017 where filmmaker Jerrold Tarog and I were called onstage to officially announce that the novel’s live action adaptation is currently in development.

Before the launch, I was asked by TBA executives Mr. Fernando Ortigas and Mr. Ed Rocha if I could come up with a short animated teaser for the graphic novel and I suggested that maybe I can make a music video and they agreed. Musician Vin Dancel of the band Peryodiko told me 10 years ago that he wrote a song called “Milenyo” right after reading the book so I suggested using it since I really liked the tune. Vin also agreed to let me use the song so it was set and I proceeded to work on the animation for 2 1/2 weeks straight to make it in time for the event.

Please enjoy. :)

Copyright 2017 Arnold Arre
Music Copyright 2006 Peryodiko
The Mythology Class published by Nautilus Comics.