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Lakas ng Lahi (Animated Short Film)

I co-created this animated short film with a friend, writer and U.P. Professor Emil Flores. Please see this blog entry for our notes on the project.

Lakas ng Lahi
(English title: Blood Compact)
Directed & Animated by Arnold Arre
Written by Emil Flores
Story by Arnold Arre & Emil Flores
Music composed by Cynthia Arre / arranged by Arnold Arre
Opening text Filipino translation by Neva Kares Talladen

** Grand Prize Winner, 9th Animahenasyon (Philippine Animation Festival) — 2014 / Makati City, Philippines
** 1st Prize Winner – Animation Category, Globe Independent Film Festival — 2017 / Makati City, Philippines

Sila ang mga matang mulat sa marahas na pang-uusig. Sila ang patuloy na sumasaksi at lumalaban sa pawang paraang kanilang kinagisnan: Pakikipagdigmaan.

It has been said that a fighter fights for himself but a warrior fights for his people. Three Filipino warriors fought against the oppression of the Spanish regime in the late 19th century. They come from different backgrounds- a man from a line of chieftains conquered centuries ago; a woman with the conqueror’s blood in her veins rejected by her family of privilege; and a young man from a land across the sea fighting for his new home. Now the three find themselves in a new time. A time where the Philippines is a free nation. A time when the Philippines is as enslaved as ever. Their eyes have seen oppression. They still see it and they act in the only way they can. They fight.

*** Warning: Video contains mild violence ***

Lakas ng Lahi (“Blood Compact”) – Filipino Animated Short Film from Arnold Arre on Vimeo.

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