ARNOLD ARRE Filipino Fantasy Artist

Philippine Spacelines

Manila in the Future – Scenario 2 (2010)

Manila in the Future (Scenario 2)

The Philippines has finally caught up with her Asian neighbors and has become the 7th most technologically advanced nation. Our gross national income will have reached the centrillion mark, just slightly behind Japan. Coming from good governance thanks to a new generation of Filipinos, we have finally eradicated all traces of corruption and are reaching for the stars.

In this scene, passengers are waiting inside the Mabuhay Hall of Philippine Space Lines. Most of the young people have never experienced the Fiestas of their forefathers, but thanks to hologram technology, the lobby has recreated that festive atmosphere they’ve only read about in archives, complete with Bandang Filipino and rondalla music.

Philippine Space Lines has several connecting flights to the moon and five international space stations but have the option of long haul space flights to Mars for only a minimum of credits. Special advantages are also given to Quadrillion Milers or “Quad Travelers” including free flights and access to hibernation chambers for long travels.

Pinoys have already taken a liking to Mars calling it “Pulang Lupa”, an homage to an ancient town called “Antipolo”.
I hope everyone agrees with me that this is the scenario we’d all love to have.

Published in Uno Magazine, 2010