ARNOLD ARRE Filipino Fantasy Artist

Kaye for Komiks

Kaye for Komiks short film Arnold ArreFrustrated comic book artist Ken de Vera shows his friend Kaye what he knows about making comics while Kaye teaches him patience and the pursuit of artistic passion.

Ken often feels that he’s trapped inside a comic book panel. Meanwhile Kaye finds that life isn’t as easy as putting ink on paper. As their relationship grows, both discover that all they needed to do was flip the page.

Kaye for Komiks explores the local comics scene: its colorful history, the struggles and the triumphs.

Running time: 57 minutes

Mihk Vergara
Cathy Ferolino
Ramon de Veyra
Erwin Romulo

…and more!

comic book greats Gerry Alanguilan, Harvey Tolibao, and Leinil Yu


Watch the trailer below:

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  1. Posted on January 9, 2013 by Candy Gourlay

    hey how do I get to watch this? Can I buy a DVD somewhere? Looks great.

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