ARNOLD ARRE Filipino Fantasy Artist


Chapter One short film Arnold ArreCHAPTER:-ONE is the first film I’ve ever made and I was fortunate enough to have had the help and support of friends and family in the production of this film. The story toys with the idea that isolation breeds paranoia.

Sam is a writer who lives alone in his apartment and is struggling to finish writing a novel. One day he receives a mysterious package containing a video of a girl who meets a terrible fate.  This is just the beginning of a chain of events that threaten to destroy his sanity.


Sam Alapan
Nina Villa Herman
Carlo Herman
Yvette Tan
Luis Katigbak
Marco Dimaano
Jamie Bautista
Dennis Lim
Cynthia Arre
Gang Badoy
Erwin Romulo
Myrene Academia

Running time: 27 minutes

Watch the trailer below:

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